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The Developer Stack for Synthetic Data.
Power AI, Data Science, Testing, Analytics and More.

Synthetic data that’s as good, or even better than the data you have. Or don’t have. Create and share data with the best-in-class accuracy and privacy guarantees – on demand.
Gretel's platform
The world's most innovative companies use Gretel.

Accelerate data access with synthetic data.

Gretel’s APIs make it simple to generate anonymized and safe synthetic data so you can innovate faster and preserve privacy.
Today, working with data is...hard. Gretel is making it easier. By building flexible, secure, and easy to deploy tools to support data driven developers, Gretel will open a world of progress across industries.
Max Wessel
Max Wessel, EVP at SAP Learning

Featured Case Studies

Gretel has helped organizations democratize data access with synthetic data, and produce ground breaking results.

Using AI to create safe synthetic datasets for genomics.

Time series

Creating Synthetic Time Series Data for Global Financial Institutions.

Run Gretel anywhere.
Implement privacy everywhere.

Gretel Cloud runners keep your data contained by running Gretel containers in your own environment or scale out workloads to the cloud in seconds.

Gretel Cloud

  • Run in the cloud

    Using our cloud GPUs makes it radically more effortless for developers to train and generate synthetic data.

  • Scale as you grow

    Scale workloads automatically with no infrastructure to set up and manage.

  • Collaborate with your team

    Invite team members to collaborate on cloud projects and share data across teams.

Or in your environment.

  • Keep data on-prem.

    Your data never leaves your environment. Runners can generate and transform locally, orchestrated by our APIs.

  • Manage workers with the Console.

    Track progress and manage local workers from anywhere with the Gretel Console.

Make your job easier instantly.

Get started in just a few clicks.

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