Privacy Engineering as a Service for Data Engineers, Scientists, Researchers

Privacy engineering tools delivered to you as APIs. Synthesize and transform data in minutes. Build trust with your users and community.
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Keeping the pace with development velocity requires faster access to data. Gretel is accelerating access to data with data privacy tools that bypass blockers and fuel Machine Learning and AI applications.

Traditional methods are long and complex
  • Ideation
  • Request approvals
  • Copy sensitive data
  • Manually redact data
  • Save redacted data
  • Manage policies
  • Consult with legal
  • Ask your boss
  • Forget to hit "Save"
  • Edit permissions
  • Lose your computer
  • Ship your idea?
Timelines are accelerated with Gretel
  • Ideation
  • Integrate Gretel
  • Instantly synthesize or anonymize data
  • Innovate!

Run Gretel anywhere.
Implement privacy everywhere.

Keep your data contained by running Gretel containers in your own environment or scale out workloads to the cloud in seconds with Gretel Cloud runners.

Run in the cloud.

Using our cloud GPUs makes it radically more effortless for developers to train and generate synthetic data.

Scale as you grow

Scale workloads automatically with no infrastructure to set up and manage.

Collaborate with your team

Invite team members to collaborate on cloud projects and share data across teams.

Keep data on-prem.

Your data never leaves your environment. Runners can generate and transform locally, orchestrated by our APIs.

Manage workers with the Console.

Track progress and manage local workers from anywhere with the Gretel Console.
Featured case study

Using AI to create safe synthetic datasets for genomics

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Illumina case study

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