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Create an anonymized or synthetic dataset to safely work with data while preserving privacy.

Gretel use cases

Gretel can help speed up development workflows and enable your team to move quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Accelerate your work with data

Gretel APIs grant immediate access to creating anonymized or synthetic datasets so you can work safely with data while preserving privacy.


Train machine learning models on your dataset and generate synthetic data that is statistically equivalent.

  • AI-based and open source.
  • Differential privacy enabled.
  • Generate unlimited data.


Automatically label data and perform privacy preserving transformations on a dataset.

  • Encrypt or replace sensitive data.
  • Anonymize data in real-time.

Data catalog

Explore records, labels and fields from any CSV.

  • Stream data via our API or SDKs.
  • Explore records, labels and fields.
  • Create and share datasets.

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