Create safe data

The first and only APIs to enable you to balance, anonymize, and share your data. With privacy guarantees.

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Create an anonymized or synthetic dataset to safely work with data while preserving privacy.

Use cases

Gretel can help speed up development workflows and enable your team to move quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Workflow agnostic, data forward

Gretel offers you all the tools you need to augment and improve your current data processing workflows.

Data Catalog

  • Stream data via our API or SDKs
  • Explore records, labels and fields
  • Create and share datasets


  • Simple APIs and clear docs
  • Encrypt or replace sensitive data
  • Anonymize data in real-time


  • AI-based and open source
  • Differential privacy enabled
  • Generate unlimited data

Data transformation made easy

Gretel gives you the tools to make customer data useful and safe for developers and companies.


Generate a synthetic dataset for training ML models and safely sharing data with privacy guaranteed.

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De-identify, anomymize, and mask datasets to share internally or with the public.

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