Synthetic data

Build privacy guarantees
into your existing workflows.


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Synthetic data for everyone

Data Scientists

Build and generate models that are mathematically guaranteed to be free of PII.

ML Engineers

Train AI models on synthetic data without worrying about exposing PII or other sensitive data.

Data Engineers

Anonymize precise customer data and share it safely across teams.

Product engineers

Make datasets publicly available so that engineers can monetize tools built for your data.

Train machine learning models

Generate synthetic data to augment your datasets. This can help you create AI and ML models that perform and generalize better, while reducing algorithmic bias.

Seamlessly share data

No need to snapshot production databases to share with your team. Define transformations to your data with software, and invite team members to subscribe to data feeds in real-time

Privacy, applied

Apply state of the art NLP processing to label personal data and PII in your data streams. Stay compliant by encrypting records containing unexpected PII in real-time.

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