Your end-to-end synthetic data needs all in one platform

On-Demand data delivery

Generate unlimited data in minutes with synthetic data delivered as-a-service.

Unbeatable data accuracy

Synthesize data that’s as good or better than your original dataset, maintain relationships and statistical insights.

Tunable data privacy

Customize privacy settings so that data is always safe while remaining useful for downstream workflows.

Verifiable data quality

Ensure data accuracy and privacy confidently with expert-grade reports.

Rapidly expanding support of popular data types

Need to synthesize one or multiple data types? We have you covered. Even take advantage or multimodal data generation.

Synthesize unstructured text, think human language and chatbots.

Synthesize time-series data, think sensors and financial data.

Synthesize related tables, think large databases or multiple files.

Coming Soon

Synthesize images, think anything from AI-art to complex real-world scenarios.

What can synthetic data do for me?

With Gretel, you synthesize the
right data to power downstream workflows.

Make Sensitive Data Shareable

Mitigate GDPR and CCPA risks, promote safe data access.

Power Application Development

Accelerate CI/CD workflows, performance testing, and staging.

Improve AI Accuracy

Augment AI training data, including minority classes and unique edge cases.

Tailor Product Demos + POCs

Amaze prospects with personalized product experiences.

And so much more...

Reach out to us today and see how Gretel can bring your use case to life.
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Unlock the power of Generative AI

We believe no one model rules them all. Use one or a combination of state-of-the-art Gretel models.

Memory efficient and speedy tabular GAN model for generating highly dimensional numeric and categorical data.
Language model capable of generating tabular data including mixed categorical, numeric, time-series, and text fields.
Statistical model for generating high-volume tabular data, fast.
DoppelGANger model for generating highly realistic time-series data.
GPT3-like pretrained transformer model for generating natural language text from an input prompt.

Jumpstart experiments with Blueprints

For more advanced usage, such as boosting underrepresented classes or creating synthetic data from a dataframe, we have created a collection of Blueprints to jumpstart your workflows.

Explore Blueprints