Check out our GitHub for research, source code and examples including our core synthetic data generation library.
Why Synthetics?

Create safe datasets with synthetic data – fast.

Generate synthetic datasets that retain the same insights and are statistically equivalent to your original data source.

  • Differentially Private
    Gretel's differential privacy option can guarantee that sensitive or PII data fields remain private.
  • Safer Data
    Create safe, artificial datasets with many of the same insights as the original dataset.
  • Better Testing
    Generate safe data to balance or de-bias datasets for ML/AI model testing.
  • Prevent Attacks
    Gretel Synthetics also helps to defend against re-identification and joinability attacks.

Build privacy guarantees
into your existing workflows.

Benefits for Developers

Gretel Synthetics combined with Gretel Transform and Classify APIs provides you with the powerhouse of privacy engineering tools you need to keep your data private and safe to share.

  • Fast
    Fast and Easy to Use
    Create expert results in minutes – safe, accurate, synthetic data to use or share instantly.
  • Privacy-proven
    Generate the highest quality privacy and statistically accurate synthetic data.
  • Fully managed
    Fully Managed
    Save time with our Privacy Engineering as a Service platform and tools that integrate into any workflow.
  • Tunable
    Tunable Data Privacy
    Balance data privacy and data utility with Gretel’s Synthetic Quality Score and Privacy Filters.
Gretel Synthetics Benefits

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