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Generate safe synthetic financial data at scale

From fraud detection and prevention initiatives to compliance assurance, synthetic data provides financial institutions access to private, compliant data on demand.

Synthetic financial data with limitless possibilities

Generate Safe Synthetic Data for Analytics, ML, and Software Development.

  • Risk Modeling

    Utilize synthetic data to simulate various economic conditions and market fluctuations to enhance risk models and decision-making.

  • Fraud Detection

    Improve fraud detection models by generating diverse synthetic data to simulate various types of financial fraud.

  • Personalized Banking Services

    Create personalized banking services using synthetic data, ensuring customer privacy through differential privacy, allowing for innovation without compromising sensitive information.

  • Software Development

    Unlock data access for non-production environments increasing development cycles and productivity while eliminating sensitive data exposure.

Synthesize Financial Data for Training LLMs and Conversational AI

  • Customer Service

    Improve customer service bots by training them with synthetic data, enabling better handling of client queries and issues related to banking and finance.

  • Consulting

    Develop sophisticated conversational AI for investment advice by using synthetic training data to simulate various customer needs and market conditions.

Boost Model Robustness with Synthetic Data

  • Trading Algorithms

    Enhance the robustness of trading algorithms by using synthetic data to simulate different market conditions and outliers.

  • Credit Scoring

    Improve credit scoring models by introducing synthetic data that replicates various customer profiles and credit histories, ensuring models are resilient and unbiased.

The Financial Data Challenge

The data bottleneck

Banks and financial institutions face a delicate balance of increasing innovation while also adhering to stringent regulatory and compliance governance. The push and pull of needing both high-quality data that is also safe leads to organizational stagnation.
  • Limited diverse datasets

    Predictive financial data analytics and modeling require vast amounts of data to train models, and even more data is required for edge-cases and anomalies like fraud or black swan events. Access to safe, diverse datasets at meaningful scale remains a bottleneck across the banking and finance industries.

  • Sensitive, protected financial data

    With ever-evolving data privacy regulations across the world, such as FINRA and the SEC, data compliance remains a top priority for banks and financial institutions globally. Protecting customer data and eliminating sensitive data exposure is an ongoing challenge.

  • Stalled Innovation

    The emergence of new technologies like generative AI require businesses to innovate or fall behind. Without access to safe training data, financial institutions cannot experiment and drive new technologies forward.

The Solution

High-quality, safe financial data unlocked

Synthetic financial data allows institutions to meet the nuanced needs of modern banking and finance by providing private, safe data at scale. With Gretel you don’t have to compromise between data utility and data privacy.

Our synthetic data platform provides all the features you need to unlock the value of your data while maintaining high privacy and quality standards. Whether it’s preventing data leaks, sharing data across a vast organization, or reducing data compliance overhead, Gretel brings best-in-class privacy to your business.

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Key Synthetic Financial Data Benefits

Why synthetic data generation?

  • Quality financial data at scale

    Multiple generative AI models built for the enterprise, so you can rest assured that your data mirrors the statistical properties of real-world data without compromising on privacy.

  • Meet compliance standards

    Align your data privacy strategies with the ever-evolving regulatory environment and ensure stringent compliance while mitigating legal and reputational risks.

  • Enable AI/ML innovation

    Harness the power of the latest technologies, like generative AI, to drive innovation in services, customer interactions, and operational efficiencies without sensitive data exposure.

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