Why Gretel?

Access accurate and safe synthetic data, on-demand.

The Gretel community is achieving more with safe access to the right data.
Faster time to
AI production
Quicker access to
high-quality data
Lower costs over
manually curated data

Data synthesized with Gretel is really accurate.

Accuracy of Gretel-generated synthetic data vs. ground truth data for downstream ML use cases.
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Downstream accuracy of training datasets when augmented with Gretel-generated data.
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Provably private to mitigate GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA risks.

Synthetic data accuracy level with Gretel privacy settings set on high.
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GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA fines for Gretel-generated synthetic data.
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Unlock exponential data scale with our growing community.

250 Billion+
Records synthesized
SDK Downloads
Developers using Gretel Cloud

Multiple models to support your synthetic data needs.

Synthesize unstructured text, think human language and chatbots.

Synthesize related tables, think large databases or multiple files.

Coming Soon

Synthesize images, think anything from AI-art to complex real-world scenarios.

Developer ready, product focused.

Get started with synthetic data in less than five minutes.

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Deploy Gretel for enterprise use cases

Google Cloud Marketplace ->

Harness the power of generative AI in your enterprise with Gretel and Google Cloud.

AWS Marketplace ->

Unlock the power of multi-modal synthetic data in your enterprise with AWS.

Azure Marketplace ->

Unlock generative AI in Azure with custom AI models that are trained on safe, secure data.

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