Why Classify?

Identify and label sensitive data easily

Gretel’s Classify API enables you to easily identify and label sensitive data, wherever it resides.
  • Automatically recognizes and classifies 40+ entity configurations in data.
  • Leverages deep learning Named Entity Recognition (NER) technology.
  • Applies Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools that accurately label sensitive data in unstructured text such as emails and chat transcripts.
  • Provides instant analysis of the accuracy and metadata.
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Entities detected in a dataset

Benefits for Developers

  • Benefit
    Streamline workflows with classify, transforms, and synthetic APIs standalone or combined.
  • Benefit
    Data Hygiene
    Improve data security and data hygiene.
  • Benefit
    Support regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Benefit
    Centralize Access
    Use data categories vs endpoints to centralize access control.
  • Benefit
    Run Anywhere
    Run anywhere, in the cloud or locally in your own environment.
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Gretel Blueprints

Learn Classify with Blueprints

Use one of our open source notebooks to see the Gretel Classify API in action.
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