Organizations building better data with Navigator:

“Data quality and safety is top priority for EY. The data we generate with Gretel Navigator is frankly better than real data. It’s more complete, accurate, and cost effective. It has significantly expedited our product development and AI roadmap. Access to high-quality and safe data on-demand has dramatically enhanced value to our clients. ”

Pablo Cebro
Head of Technology Platforms for Client Technology at Ernst & Young

“GenAI is fundamentally about data. And unlike GPUs, the humans that create this data aren't getting twice as fast every year. With synthetic data, however, Gretel helped us to overcome this challenge. Thanks to Gretel, our dataset creation can now keep up with our scientists and our compute.”

Jonathan Frankle
Chief scientist, Databricks
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Edit or create fully customized datasets with prompts

Don't have data? Quickly generate highly realistic data for AI training and evaluation, demos, and testing.

Edit, augment existing data, and fill in the gaps in missing data using SQL or natural language for prompting.

Endless potential

Get inspired by popular Navigator use cases

Train foundation models

Empower frontier AI teams with high-quality datasets to train LLMs.

Fine-tune LLMs for new tasks

Teach LLMs new tasks or domains for new generative AI-powered applications.

Create RAG evaluation datasets

Generate synthetic question-truth pairs to evaluate RAG models.

Test and evaluate ML models

Safeguard sensitive, proprietary datasets when evaluating public ML models.

Augment data for ML training

Augment real-world data to build more performant  intelligent applications.

Personalize product demos

Create tailored demos that speak to prospect business needs.

Open source datasets created with Navigator

The world’s largest Text-to-SQL dataset, synthesized by Navigator

A rich dataset of high quality synthetic Text-to-SQL samples, designed and generated using Gretel Navigator, and released under Apache 2.0. Just a taste of what’s possible with synthetic training data.
Download on Hugging Face ->
Text to SQL Dataset

Synthetic Financial Domain Documents with PII Labels

Full-length synthetic financial documents containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), generated using Gretel Navigator and released under Apache 2.0.
Download on Hugging Face ->
Synthetic PII Dataset

Innovative startups are achieving more with Gretel Navigator

Listen to startup founders explain how Gretel Navigator has opened the door to rapid innovation and feature development for their business.

Enterprise ready

Leverage Gretel Navigator at scale with our real-time inference API

Create fully customized datasets by generating new correlated data, augmenting existing data by filling gaps, or adding regional attributes. Gretel Navigator integrates directly into data services via our SDK.
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