November 2020 - What’s new in Gretel

We are releasing new features that make working with data easier by helping you deep dive into records, use blueprints to auto-anonymize data, and more.

The engineering team at Gretel has been hard at work improving the Gretel Console, and our latest updates make browsing your records easier than ever. We are rolling out three big updates that make building engineering and machine learning workflows even easier with Gretel Cloud.

Diving deep into Records

Dive deeper into record details with the new details pane.

We have been listening to customer feedback and capturing some great insights into how engineers and data scientists are using our data catalog. Something we have heard time and time again is that people want to see a full overview of individual records sent to Gretel. Previously we only surfaced field values and entities, but those alone don’t paint a full picture of each individual record. This made it difficult to identify outliers and see relationships in your data.

From the records tab in your project, you can now:

  • Select a single record and the console will open a detailed summary of your record.
  • View high-level insights into an individual record such as the total number of fields, entities and total missing values.
  • View raw unflattened record and metadata from Gretel Cloud.

This new details view has been live in the Gretel Console for a couple weeks. If you haven’t seen it yet we highly recommend you check it out!

Transform your data with Gretel blueprints

Gretel Blueprints

Last week we published our blog post introducing Gretel blueprints. Blueprints make it simple to anonymize and balance datasets by providing templates focused on solving specific data transformation use cases. These blueprints make it easy to do things like auto-anonymize production datasets for development without needing to write any code. Our latest product updates bring these blueprints into the Console in our new transform page within your Gretel projects.

  • From any project, navigate to the transform tab and select from a list of open-source blueprints.
  • View sample datasets and read our helpful guides that walk you through the blueprint workflow.

Create a new project from a blueprint

Create a new project from blueprints

Blueprints make it easy to work with your existing Gretel projects, but what about starting from scratch? With our latest update you can now create a new Gretel blank project, or select from our sample datasets and included blueprints that help you get started anonymizing and balancing datasets in seconds. This update gives the option to anyone to walk through a standard Gretel workflow entirely with our sample data and transformer templates — no code or data required!

Sign in or create a free account with the Gretel today and see the new updates.

We have many more updates on our product roadmap that will improve the experience of creating safe data for everyone. As we continue to build we want to hear what you have to say! If you have feedback, questions or just want to chat please reach out to us at