How to use Gretel’s new entity stream

We recently launched our new entity stream view in Gretel Cloud. See how you can view record streams from tagged entities in your data projects.

Gretel Cloud automatically labels data with advanced NER (named entity recognition) and NLP (natural language processing) and allows you to explore your labeled data in our cloud console. These entity labels offer insights into what kind of data you are sending and help to inform and educate the way that you transform data.

Starting today, you can now browse a stream of records associated with an entity in a single view. We spoke with data scientists and engineers who told us that they loved seeing the high level overview of tagged entities however they wanted a deeper understanding of which records they matched with so they could look for trends and identify sensitive fields. The new entity stream empowers you to do just that.

The Entity Stream available from the Gretel Cloud Console

How does it work?

Navigating to an entity stream is incredibly simple; all you need to do is select an entity tag from a record, field or the entities tab within a project. Selecting the entity will open the new entity stream and allow you to dive deeper into that entity and learn more about how it is contained in your data project. Once you are there Gretel highlights relevant information about that entity including the total number of fields that were identified with that tag, the approximate cardinality, and when it was last seen.

Browsing the entity stream from gretel-python-client

Our gretel-python-client SDK allows you to explore an entity stream in a given project by passing the entity you would like to view.

You can learn more about querying records in our documentation.

Browsing the entity stream with the Gretel REST API

It is also possible to query the entity stream using our REST API from our `GET /streams/recrods/:project_name` endpoint and passing the `?entity_stream` query parameter.

Entity stream query from Postman

Learn more about querying records via our REST API in our documentation.

Sign in or create a free account with the Gretel today and see the new entity stream.

We have many more updates on our product roadmap that will improve the experience of creating safe data for everyone. As we continue to build we want to hear what you have to say! If you have feedback, questions or just want to chat please reach out to us at