Introducing Gretel Blueprints

We are launching Gretel Blueprints, making it easy to anonymize and balance datasets with just a few clicks.

Working with developers using our Gretel beta and open-source synthetic data libraries, one of the top requests we have heard is developers asking us to make it incredibly simple to get started on use cases including data anonymization, privacy engineering, and data balancing. This week we are thrilled to release Gretel Blueprints. Gretel Blueprints are collections of sample code and sample datasets that utilize Gretel's SDKs that can be easily adapted to solve customer-specific use cases.

Feedback from our community has led us to believe that the application of code can actually be use case specific.  Developers should not have to always make a series of technology decisions in order to solve a specific problem.

Just like customer use cases evolve, so will Blueprints. We will be adding new Blueprints based on new features and customer feedback- let us know on Twitter if you would like to see Blueprints for your use case.  Several of our Blueprints will also have detailed blogs of their own to deep dive into the use case and more importantly, how you can use Gretel to solve these challenges on your own.

Request a new blueprint on Twitter!

Gretel Blueprints will be accessible via Gretel Cloud and are hosted on GitHub.  Soon, when creating a Gretel Cloud Project, you will be able to choose our Blueprints as a starting template and several Blueprints will come with their own sample data. If you have a project already or are creating a blank project with your own data, the Blueprints will be available from the "Transform" page.

Once in the "Transform" page, you will be able to select any Blueprint to use with your current Gretel Cloud Project or for use with data in your own environment.

Screenshot of blueprints from the Gretel Console


Like our core open source SDKs, Blueprints are hosted on GitHub and licensed under Apache 2.0. We did this so customers can adopt our sample code to meet their needs specifically without being overly prescriptive on how to solve any one problem.

In the coming days, we'll be making announcements on our new Gretel Cloud workflows and releasing tutorials, walk-throughs, and even customer testimonials for many of our Blueprints. If you like it, give us a ‚≠ź on Github! Stay tuned to our Blog and Twitter for these exciting announcements and feel free to reach out via, GitHub, or social media to engage with our team!