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Synthetic Data for Software Development.

Unlock data access across your organization and increase software development cycles and productivity while eliminating sensitive data exposure
Key Benefits

Gretel for Software Development

  • Quality Data at Scale

    Backed by multiple generative AI models built specifically for synthetic data, you can scale your data needs as required without compromising on quality or privacy.

  • Eliminate Privacy Risk

    With tunable privacy filters and models built with differential privacy—complete with mathematical guarantees of privacy, you can rest assured data is safe and secure.

  • Increase Speed & Quality of Releases

    Synthetic data removes the data overhead spent on manual, low-value tasks, so teams can focus on building better products and increase product release cycles.

The Data Access Bottleneck

From test data management to data pipelines for CI/CD, access to safe, quality data is critical.

From testing environments to data pipelines for CI/CD, access to fresh, high-quality data is a challenge across organizations. Oftentimes, teams are caught balancing the need for data security against data accessibility and utility. Companies usually mitigate privacy risk by using low-quality mock data, or risk data exposure and leakage by using highly sensitive production data.
  • Low-quality mock data. Traditional privacy-preserving techniques, such as masking, often provide missing or incomplete datasets.

  • Sensitive data exposure. Access to production-grade customer data poses a high-risk of sensitive data leaks.

  • Inefficiencies & time wasted. Expensive internal resources spent in manual, low-value tasks, while overall time to value for a project skyrockets.

Gretel’s Solution

Quality, production-grade data without the privacy risks.

Synthetic data offers a solution to software development data access issues by providing high-quality data that mirrors real-world datasets at scale. With Gretel, you can seamlessly integrate synthetic data into your workflows or existing CI/CD pipelines, ensuring your teams can build and test with accurate, up-to-date data.

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