What is Gretel?

Gretel is a multi-modal synthetic data platform for generating high-quality, safe data at scale. Our proprietary generative AI models learn the patterns and distributions of your ground truth datasets and recreate artificial datasets with the same statistical characteristics—but without any of the sensitive information, mitigating data privacy concerns.  

Companies across industries—such as finance, healthcare, and technology—use Gretel to safely access and share data, to train generative AI models, or to improve their ML models’ performance. Our latest platform addition, Gretel Navigator, is the first compound AI system designed to create, edit, and augment tabular data using natural language or SQL prompts. Imagine a retail company generating a realistic CPG dataset that includes product names, categories, and reviews all from scratch, or a bank creating a dataset of fraudulent credit card transactions in just a few clicks without compromising customer data.  

As a whole, the Gretel platform is designed to unlock data bottlenecks and give users easy-to-use tools for working with and enhancing datasets in a more intuitive and interactive way.

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