NEW: Integrating with Gretel SDKs just got easier!

Learn how we are improving our product by adding new features that make connecting to Gretel easier, faster and more streamlined.

Last week Gretel launched our Gretel Console Beta for creating data projects and uploading datasets to Gretel Cloud. Since then we have received an influx of fantastic feedback from the community around how we can make the experience easier, faster and more streamlined. Today we’re rolling out our first new feature: the project integration button.

We realized quickly that these important elements needed to be front and center in our users’ workflows and always accessible in just a few clicks.

Engineers and data scientists are now using the Gretel Beta to transform and synthesize private data using our open source SDKs and APIs. Users can create a free Gretel account using their existing Github or Google accounts, generate an API key, and in just a few clicks start streaming in data. In order to get started streaming data with Gretel tools you need to provide your personal API key and unique project name identifier.

We heard feedback from our users who told us that the process of generating and finding their personal API Keys was difficult, and they had a hard time finding their project name identifier (hint: It’s hidden in your project settings). They also encountered times when they had to break their workflow to copy their API key (hint: that one is buried in your user profile). We realized quickly that these important elements needed to be front and center in our users’ workflows and always accessible in just a few clicks.

Starting today, you will now have access to your project name, API key and connection URI directly from any project page! That means that integrating with Gretel is only one click away from anywhere in your project.

The new project Integration menu

The integration menu gives you quick and immediate access to everything you need to get started with our SDKs or REST API:

  • Project name. This is a unique identifier that tells Gretel which project you want to connect to. We generate one for you by default but you can change it at any time. Note: Project names share a global namespace, so there may be times when the name you select is unavailable.
  • Connection URI. The connection uri is a string that contains your API key and project name in a single and easy-to-use uri string. This makes it easier to connect to Gretel and is especially useful when working with our Gretel Synthetics and Gretel Transformers cloud notebooks.
  • API Key. Your API key is unique to you and authenticates you with Gretel Cloud. If you don’t have one yet you can generate one in just a click.

Sign in or create a free account with the Gretel console today and see the new integration feature in action.

We have many more updates on our product roadmap that will improve the experience of creating safe data for everyone. As we continue to build we want to hear what you have to say! If you have feedback, questions or just want to chat please reach out to us at