Gretel announces partnership with Microsoft Azure and joins Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program

Gretel’s privacy-first generative AI is now available to all Azure users as well as select enterprises through the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program.

Expanding Horizons with Azure Marketplace

Today, we are thrilled to announce the availability of Gretel's synthetic data generation platform and privacy-preserving technologies on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace, offering multimodal solutions for creating synthetic text, tabular, time series, and image data. This expansion not only signifies a new chapter of safe data accessibility for Azure users but also reflects our shared commitment to fostering innovation in the realm of data privacy and responsible AI. Now, Azure users can leverage Gretel's tools to safely train custom AI models on proprietary data, meet stringent data privacy compliance mandates, unlock new avenues for secure data collaboration, and expedite their market entry with new products and services—all while capitalizing on existing Azure credits and commitments. 

Fostering Responsible AI with Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program

Our inclusion in Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program further cements our alliance, aiming to accelerate the adoption of responsible AI practices across industries. This collaboration amplifies our mission to facilitate the creation of high-quality, domain-specific synthetic data, ensuring privacy compliance while unlocking the full potential of AI and machine learning applications. Together, we are setting new benchmarks in ensuring data privacy, security, and governance in AI.

Frontier AI Needs Frontier Data

As enterprises accelerate their journey towards embedding large language models (LLMs) workflows and scaling generative AI applications and “frontier AI” models, the quest for safe, accurate, and accessible data has become paramount. Yet, the landscape of data access and management often presents a quagmire of privacy and security challenges. Gretel's synthetic data generation platform offers a secure path to safe data accessibility and enhanced AI capabilities.

The Real Benefits of Synthetic Data

The integration of synthetic data generation into AI and data governance frameworks is reshaping strategies across enterprises, governments, and research communities. 

With Gretel's proven privacy-preserving synthetic data technology and expertise, organizations are now empowered to:

  • Mitigate privacy and security risks by utilizing synthetic data for testing
  • Enrich limited data reservoirs and address dataset biases
  • Model rare or edge case scenarios that are hard to replicate in real-world settings
  • Uphold compliance with global data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA
  • Support best practices in data governance, ethics, and fairness

“As part of SA Health's commitment to public health innovation, we've embraced synthetic data as a forward-thinking, privacy-conscious approach to safe EMR data sharing for everyday clinical decision making as well as training machine learning models. Our collaboration with Gretel has been vital in this effort. With our ecosystem-wide Gretel integration in our secure Azure environment, this advancement in our work is more than a technological leap; it symbolizes a fundamental shift in how we manage and use health data, significantly improving care for our patients with a focus on inclusivity and privacy protection.”Rhys Parker, Chief Clinical Information Officer, SA Health

Build with Gretel

Azure customers can use their existing Azure credits and commitments to build with Gretel. To learn more about these products, services, and solutions available check out Gretel on the Azure Marketplace.