Gretel is now available in the AWS Marketplace

Announcing the availability of Gretel’s high quality synthetic data generation tools in the AWS Marketplace.

Find Gretel in the AWS Marketplace

Today, we’re excited to announce that our synthetic data generation tools are now available in the AWS Marketplace, including APIs to create synthetic text, tabular, time series, and image data. For AWS customers, this means they can now use Gretel to safely train custom AI models on their proprietary data, meet data privacy compliance requirements, unlock secure data access and collaborative opportunities, and accelerate their time to market with new products and services. Best yet, they can do all this while drawing down on existing AWS credits and commitments. You can find Gretel in the AWS Marketplace here.

As businesses move quickly to incorporate large language models (LLMs) into their services and scale generative AI applications, the demand for data that is safe, accurate, and timely has never been higher. However, getting and managing access to data is fraught with privacy and security risks. Beyond these concerns, oftentimes the data that enterprise teams need is in short supply, has massive class imbalances, or simply is unavailable. Generative AI has enormous capabilities and potential, but to capture its true value, you need to leverage and safely integrate more than just the data that is currently available in the public domain.

Gretel's comprehensive solution combines privacy-enhancing technologies with cutting-edge generative models to enable anyone to create high-quality, domain-specific synthetic data on demand. We believe this approach is necessary for teams to safely scale AI applications and are excited to show the community the benefits and opportunities that come with adopting it. 

The benefits of synthesizing data

Every day, organizations are discovering new ways to incorporate synthetic data generation into their AI and data governance strategies. While the value varies by use case, Gretel’s work with governments, global brands, and startups across industries, has shown that synthetic data is helping teams everywhere: 

  1. Mitigate privacy and security risks by replacing raw production data for testing
  2. Augment limited data supplies and balance biased datasets
  3. Simulate edge cases and black swan events that can’t be replicated in the real world
  4. Comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other privacy regulations
  5. Support best practices in data governance, ethics, and fairness

Connect with Gretel

If you have any questions about Gretel’s platform or would like to learn more about how synthetic data can help your business, send us a note.