Data transformation made easy

Define real-time views to sensitive datasets, leveraging natural language processing and privacy-preserving transformations to safely share data across teams and between organizations.
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Gretel Transformer use cases

Real-time Transformations

Power development, staging, and demo environments with anonymized data.


Data Firewalling

Make sure sensitive data never crosses compliance boundaries.


Train machine learning models

Empower your team to share and collaborate on private datasets with proper de-identitifcation instantly.

Format-preserving encryption

Use transformers to apply format preserving encryption to sensitive data such as customer account numbers, names, and location information as data is created.

Open source your datasets

Open source your datasets to enable the data science community to innovate with your data on key challenges and problems.

Privacy and security first

By integrating privacy into our developer workflows, we can enable safe access to data within seconds of the time it is created, unlocking siloed data and opening the door for new ideas.

Start creating safe data

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