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About Gretel


Gretel is a multi-modal synthetic data platform that leverages advanced generative AI and privacy-enhancing technologies. Developers use Gretel to generate artificial datasets with the same characteristics as real data, so they can develop and test AI models without compromising privacy.


Gretel leverages advanced generative AI models and privacy-enhancing technologies to turn data into a safe, renewable resource that anyone can use. These services are available on its platform as low-code tools and APIs that deliver synthetic versions of data in multiple modalities (text, tabular, time series, image). Gretel’s platform and SaaS tools are self-serve, flexible, and scalable to accommodate any developer workflow. Learn more at .


Gretel is a multi-modal synthetic data platform for enterprise developers, fueled by advanced generative AI models and privacy-enhancing technologies. Users can generate a diverse array of synthetic data types, including text, relational tables, time series, tabular, and images. With customizable privacy and accuracy settings, Gretel empowers users to create secure, statistically accurate replicas of sensitive data, ideal for safe model training. The platform also facilitates on-demand data generation to enrich limited machine learning training datasets. Serving a wide range of clients—from top financial institutions, healthcare and life sciences companies, to government and public sector organizations, as well as leading tech brands and startups—Gretel adheres to key privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. It's the go-to solution for organizations seeking fast, secure, data-driven decision-making, and responsible AI development. Learn more at

Gretel's name

"Gretel" should be always capitalized. Do not spell the name like "gretel," "," or "gretel ai." Our legal corporate entity is "Gretel Labs, Inc."

Gretel Logo

When possible, always use the full Gretel wordmark logo with our primary color. Other options may be used when appropriate, such as black and white printing or on dark backgrounds.
Logo / Primary
Logo / Dark
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Gretel Glyph

Use the Glyph when the logo needs to be displayed in containers that are square or circle, such as profile photos or icons.
Glyph / Primary
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Primary brand color

Gretel's primary brand color is Gretel Blurple.
Gretel Blurple
  • #3B2ED0
  • rgba(59, 46, 208, 1)
  • hsl(245deg, 64%, 50%)
  • Pantone 2736 C

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