At Gretel, we realized that we can apply machine learning, synthetic data, and formal reasoning to offer provable privacy guarantees for data.

At Gretel we are a team of developers who have worked on everything. From a chatbot that negotiates endlessly with you, to filling the need (literally) for a cloud-connected kegerator that that streams live sensor data to AWS, to cloud services that tens of thousands of customers use to protect sensitive data, to security that protects up to 33% of the traffic on the Internet — we know first hand how hard it is to manage all kinds of sensitive and ever-evolving data.

Whether working inside organizations, between companies, or on personal projects, it’s become way too hard for developers to safely share and collaborate with sensitive data. It’s not just us — every developer, every day, struggles with the difficult task of ensuring the privacy and safety of sensitive data.

Gretel is the solution. Gretel works in real time to enable safe sharing and collaboration between developers and applications with any kind of data. Gretel’s tools are open, intelligent, and integrated. No matter what kind of data, language, or stack you’re working with, we’re here to help you ensure data safety and privacy from day one.

From our time at AWS and Google, we know first hand that enabling developers to safely learn and experiment with data is the key to rapid innovation on behalf of customers. As developers, we don’t always need full access to sensitive customer data. We know that it’s often best to only select the data that you need for developing new features or exploring insights — especially if you can use your developer identity to access data in seconds, instead of spending weeks or months of waiting for compliance approval.

At Gretel, our lights-on moment was realizing that we can apply machine learning, synthetic data, and formal reasoning to offer provable privacy guarantees for data. And by integrating privacy into our developer workflows, we can enable safe access to data within seconds of the time it is created, unlocking siloed data and opening the door for new ideas.

We want to make it easier for more of this to happen: wearable devices saving lives, developers revolutionizing citizen science, even building AI that understands us better.

Going forward, we’ll use this space to demonstrate how Gretel open source projects can enable you to get the most out of your data. Our goal is to democratize building with data so everyone can use it.

Keep checking back- we will be posting research, source code, and examples that we’ll be open sourcing soon. We’ve got some great examples of what we can do, and we want to hear your ideas too. We are building Gretel for developers like you, so don’t be shy. Please follow us here, Twitter, andGithub. Want to see for yourself? We’ve got an app for that. We’re