Raises $12 Million in Series A to Safely Share, Build with Data

We are pleased to share that Gretel raised $12M in Series A funding. We're picking up strong momentum in our mission to help developers create safe data.

After announcing our $3.5M seed round from Moonshots Capital, Greylock Partners, Village Global and a group of strategic angel investors in February, we are thrilled to share that raised $12 million in Series A funding, led by Greylock. You can read more about the round in TechCrunch.

This funding and our TechCrunch story are more evidence that Gretel is gaining strong momentum in our mission to help developers create safe data. We expected as much! With safe data, developers can build faster and collaborate more, and that’s good for everyone.

While we’re excited by the value we’ve been able to offer developers so far, this is only the beginning for Gretel. Today, a few large companies dominate the data economy, mining your personal data, cornering the private data market, and reaping huge profits for themselves. Gretel is all about busting this wide open. We’re working to enable a new ‘open data economy’ where open access to synthetic data democratizes the playing field and unleashes record innovation.

If you’re a developer interested in learning more, check out our free public beta and our open source synthetic library. You can get started in minutes with one of our guides for labeling and sharing a dataset in 2 minutes, or generating your first synthetic dataset. We are building Gretel for developers like you, so don’t be shy. Please follow us on Twitter, submit a PR for a new feature on Github, or start a conversation on our community Slack channel! And if you’d like to join us on this journey, please check out our careers page!