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The Developer Conference for Synthetic Data

Learn from experts how AI and the evolution of synthetic data are profoundly impacting how we access, share, and build with data.
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Featuring speakers and researchers in AI, ML, and data science from startups, companies, and research institutions.

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Join us for the online conference on Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023, and be part of what comes next. Each session is delivered by tech innovators and business leaders using the latest advancements in synthetic data to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges with data.

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real-world applications for state-of-the-art generative text, tabular, image, video, audio, and simulation-based AI models. Discover new possibilities for building responsible, data-driven AI.
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ideas and inspire conversations with other researchers, data scientists, and data engineers. Get tips from experts doing groundbreaking work with synthetic data from companies including Illumina, Riot Games, and Gretel.ai.
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data through hands-on workshops and live collaborations with other developers in the new Synthetic Data Community. Learn foundational concepts of synthetic generation and how synthetic data fits into the ecosystem of various ML and AI tools and solutions.

_Why Synthetic Data?

Synthetic data is information that is generated by AI models or simulations. It is increasingly being used as a replacement for sensitive real-world data.
Accurate – train high-performing production-ready AI and ML models.

Private – mathematically provable privacy makes it easy to share data.

Scalable – unlimited amounts of AI generated data.

_Join the community and discussion

Sessions will include interviews, panels, demos, and workshops that explore foundational concepts of synthetic generation, as well as synthetic data use cases in finance, health, Web3, and more. Attendees will also experience the excitement of generating their own data through hands-on synthesizing challenges and live collaborations with other synthesizers in the new Synthetic Data Community channel on Discord.
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