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Gretel provides a complete synthetic data platform for developers and ML/AI engineers
Ensuring data-privacy is key and Gretel is by far the simplest and most intuitive way to generate synthetic data sets and get models deployed
Neil Serebryany
Neil Serebryany
CEO and Founder at

Gretel’s APIs Have You Covered

Our APIs provide you with a complete toolkit for synthetic data. Use Gretel's tools in combination or standalone and set the level of data privacy vs data utility you need for your workflows.
Gretel Toolkit

Produce Scalable Privacy for your Data with Gretel APIs

Gretel Synthetics, Transform, and Classify combined enable you to cover a myriad of use cases for structured or unstructured data; label and classify, anonymize and transform, and generate privacy-proven datasets at scale.
  • Use Named Entity Recognition to identify and label PII.
  • Anonymize, encrypt or remove PII and sensitive data.
  • Produce statistically accurate, privacy protected training data for AI models.
  • Tune data privacy versus utility with Gretel Privacy Filters.
  • Generate differentially private datasets from your real-world data.

The Gretel Synthetics Platform

Designed by developers for developers and based on our open source core. You can access flexible and scalable APIs through Gretel’s online console, CLI, SDK, or connectors.

Generate unlimited synthetic data.

Provide the highest level of privacy for your data with Synthetics. Balance privacy with utility for the data you generate using Gretel’s Privacy Filters and Synthetic Quality Reports.
Explore Synthetics
Data generation processes with Gretel Console.

Perform privacy preserving transformations on datasets at scale.

Combine with our Classify API to easily anonymize and transform sensitive data to remove risk and minimize compliance requirements.
Explore Transform
Fields detected and transformed.

Identify PII with advanced NLP detection.

Our advanced NLP detectors can identify over 40+ common entities across large datasets. Extend detection with custom REGEX identifiers specific to your organization.
Explore Classify
Entities detected in a dataset
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