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Gretel gives you the tools to make customer data useful and safe for developers and companies.
  • Named Entity Recognition

    Identify and recognize named entities in your datasets to begin understanding sensitive data fields.

  • Field-level metrics

    Explore the total number of fields, field cardinality and relationships within your data.

  • Identify sensitive fields

    Quickly identify sensitive fields containing location data, ID numbers and other PII elements in your dataset.

Data catalog use cases

Automated Data Exposure Detection with Gretel Outpost

Gretel Outpost is a free integration architecture that automates the steps that a security team would take in assessing the risk or exposure to data.

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Fast data cataloging of streaming data for fun and privacy

Learn more about how Gretel's REST APIs automatically build a metastore that makes it easy to understand what is inside of your data.

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Explore your records

Gain insights into the quantity, frequency and quality of records in your dataset. Gretel shows you a holistic view of your dataset so you can make informed decisions for you or your data team.

Gretel records

Named Entity Recognition

Gretel uses advanced natural language processing to identify sensitive data within any given dataset, and provide feedback to help you identify PII or other sensitive fields.

NER Code example

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